Dialects in America Episode 1- Jeff (Toronto)

Jeff is a Toronto native who currently lives in Houston, TX. In this segment of Dialects in America, we get to learn more about some of the expressions used in his hometown and his thoughts on different dialects in America.

Dialects in America Episode 2- Dominic (East Texas)

Dominic is originally born in East Texas and currently resides in Houston. During this interview we spoke about certain "trends" that are placed on specific african american dialects. Dominic also shares his thoughts on the pros and cons of how language is viewed in America.

Dialects in America Episode 3- Gabriel (North Carolina)

I was in North Carolina on a business trip and met Gabriel in the process. I decided to ask him his thoughts on the way he views language and dialect. He describes his own personal dialect, "code switching" and the stereotypes placed on the way people speak.

Dialects in America Episode 4-Alonzo (Virginia)

Alonzo is the photographer/videographer for Everyday Strangers. In this series he breaks down his viewpoint on the different ways English is spoken in America.


Dialects in America Episode 5- Shayne (Chicago, IL)

Shayne is a Rockford, IL native but can still identify with Chicago culture. In this series, he speaks about the pros and cons of "code switching".

Dialects in America Episode 6- Brian (Tulsa, OK)

Brian was originally born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In this series he explains his experience living in other parts of America and how others were easily able to recognize he wasn't from their part of town.