Earlie Hudnall Jr.

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"I don't think money is the motive. We do things to survive. I've never had the intent of going into business or more less taking pictures for money to make it. I've been very fortunate to have had a job at TSU. My first job here was cleaning the paint room in the art department. Dr. John Biggers  gave me that job. Dr. Biggers and  Dr. Thomas F. Freeman are the reasons why I pursued photography. They allowed me the space, freedom and inspiration to do so. But money was never the motive for me. Documenting one's community was the motive and has become a great passion of mine from the beginning. 

You have to set your goals, you have to pursue them, then you have to put everything else secondary to that. But when you pursue them, you have to pursue them with a passion. And if you don't pursue it with a passion and if you don't Love what you do, well then again, you need to find something else to do. See when I get up and I come to TSU, whether I'm doing a picture for a student, or if I'm doing a picture for someone in the administration department, or whatever; I Love what I'm doing."