Linda and Cortney

"We're currently visiting Chicago for my son's bowling tournament. He's competing with the top bowlers in the nation and he's averaging 200! He's been doing really good traveling across the country, carrying this 15 pound ball everywhere he goes. It's tough, but he's doing great."

"Where did you get your inspiration to bowl?"


"It was all her actually. When I was little, I would watch her bowl in the alleys. I eventually liked what I saw. So I would go on the other side of the alleys while she was bowling and practice at a young age. It'd be times when I would see her throwing these curves balls and I would ask her 'how did you do that?' (Laughs). But yea, my inspiration to bowl came from my mom."


"He far surpassed me in the bowling leagues because now he's playing in tournaments. But I'm glad he saw me play at an early age. 

My focus has been mainly on getting him squared away so he has something to fall back on and keep him out of trouble. It's a hobby he enjoys because he's really good at it. He just embraced it and took it to another level than I did back in the day."