"...about 7 years outside of high school I went to 4 different colleges, took out numerous loans, changed majors 5 times. I was trying to make my parents happy by completing college, getting a degree in something. 7 years down, no degree, thousands of dollars in school loan debt., unhappy, stressed and was beginning to resent my folks! I was slowly realizing that I wasn't going to school for me, I was trying to make my parents proud by achieving something that held zero weight with me.  During those years I stumbled across a position in a Property Management company dealing with families in need. I only took the position because I needed more money to pay off these loans. The more time I spent in my new position the more I was filling the void of not having a fulfilling life. I was given the opportunity to build relationships with struggling families, watch them grow while helping them keep a roof over their heads. Now 6 years later, I'm still in a career I love that I would have never found had I continued to follow what others wanted me to do. The lesson through all of this is to lead yourself, take risks! You can't let someone else (even your lovely parents) dictate what path to take in life. Your happiness reigns supreme over everything! It may have taken me longer than most to find my niche....but I'm here to stay!"