"I was born a Pisces/Aries cusps. Born last day of Pisces and first day of Aries. Here's the mind blower. My dad is a Pisces and my mom is an Aries. So I was born in the middle of all their f**kery.

My father met my mom in NY where they had me. By the time I was 18 months they stopped getting along. So my dad took me away from my mom And raised me because he felt like she wasn't ready. So we moved out here in Chicago and I was raised here all the way up til the age of 16. In between time, my father got married 6 times and divorced 6 times. I had many mothers. I was only able to see my biological mother 2 weeks out of the year until 2008 when I eventually moved back to NY to live with her. By that time, we weren't getting along. I had mad anger issues at the time. 

 When I was living in NY I remember doing poetry underground on the L train just to make $250 to get my security guard license. When I got my license, I ended working a few security jobs. Come to find out, security wasn't the job for me but it did teach me how to talk to people better. 

I just recently moved back to the Chi to build my vision. I want to open up doors for artists of all kinds (poets, musicians, painters, writers, photographers, etc.).  "