"...I remember me and my daughter were discussing sadness one day and she told me, 'Well, when you're sad, God can make your heart happy'.

Like, we weren't even on the subject of God, she just said it. So I told her she was right, God does Love us enough to make our hearts feel better. And then she was like, 'Well, I Love God'.

So I asked her how do you show God that you Love Him? She said, 'I give Him hugs, I bake Him a cake and put it in a box and send it to Heaven'.

So at that moment I realized that, at her age, she's actually relating to God being a part of her life and being able to express her appreciation for Him. But what really got me after we had that conversation was that as a mother I was doing something right. And as a single mother, that's probably the number one thing we worry about the most. It's like, I have to make sure I'm doing everything right because according to society, since her dad is no longer involved, she's going to be lacking something. So I'm trying to make up for what she's lacking and I'm very critical about that. So the conversation we had is a moment I have to revisit from time to time to remind myself that, 'Hey... we're on the right track here...'"