Andrew & Nikki

Nikki: "... We have to communicate a lot more when we're painting together, we both have different styles and we both look at colors and shapes a lot differently. And so it helps us communicate  a lot. It's really important."

Andrew: "People see my work and they give me a lot of props and credibility for it. But they don't realize if I did all of this alone it wouldn't  be half as good. She sits next to me and we talk about it. Like we actually discuss it. And because she's the one I'm discussing it with, my artwork comes out waaaaay better!"

"In general, we get really good at telling each other what we do like and what we don't like. So whenever it comes down to things outside of our art, it's not an ordeal. It's like we don't have to walk on eggs shells when it comes to communicating our differences"