" I'm attending Columbia College. It's an art school out here in Chicago. Currently im studying film there. Unfortunately, it's a very discriminatory industry right now. Especially towards woman or anyone who isn't a white straight man. And even though I am one, I feel like I can make a change as long as I'm not focusing towards that. 

I recently got a job 3 days ago that requires me to speak to random people on the street about homosexual rights. Since then I've been feeling more confident about myself because I'm actually making connections. I'm meeting new people everyday. Like this is the best life has ever felt and I hope it continues to be this way..."



"I was born and raised in London. I've always wanted to travel the world so I worked hard, saved up as much money as I could, quit my job and then booked my first trip to South America... My trip to the U.S. Is the largest trip I've taken so far. I'm enjoying Chicago, but Portland was one of my favorite cities to visit so far. It has such a cool vibe with lots of beer as well (laughs). 

If someone asked me for advice on how to start traveling, I would tell them to work super hard, save some money up and don't think about it, just do it. Book your first trip and then carry on with the rest of it..."


"When it comes to music, Chicago is known for everything my brother. Jazz, rap, soul, you name it...

Ive been playing out here for a little while now and Maaaaaan, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are my busiest days out here because Friday everybody getting paid, Saturday everybody need something good to listen to, and Sunday people looking for somewhere else to pay their tithes because they know some of these preachers be pimpin in the pulpit. They rather give their tithes to God by giving those who live their passions. When you get home, read the book of Acts chapter 3 and 4. It'll tell you how a church is really suppose to be ran..."


"I was born a Pisces/Aries cusps. Born last day of Pisces and first day of Aries. Here's the mind blower. My dad is a Pisces and my mom is an Aries. So I was born in the middle of all their f**kery.

My father met my mom in NY where they had me. By the time I was 18 months they stopped getting along. So my dad took me away from my mom And raised me because he felt like she wasn't ready. So we moved out here in Chicago and I was raised here all the way up til the age of 16. In between time, my father got married 6 times and divorced 6 times. I had many mothers. I was only able to see my biological mother 2 weeks out of the year until 2008 when I eventually moved back to NY to live with her. By that time, we weren't getting along. I had mad anger issues at the time. 

 When I was living in NY I remember doing poetry underground on the L train just to make $250 to get my security guard license. When I got my license, I ended working a few security jobs. Come to find out, security wasn't the job for me but it did teach me how to talk to people better. 

I just recently moved back to the Chi to build my vision. I want to open up doors for artists of all kinds (poets, musicians, painters, writers, photographers, etc.).  "

Linda and Cortney

"We're currently visiting Chicago for my son's bowling tournament. He's competing with the top bowlers in the nation and he's averaging 200! He's been doing really good traveling across the country, carrying this 15 pound ball everywhere he goes. It's tough, but he's doing great."

"Where did you get your inspiration to bowl?"


"It was all her actually. When I was little, I would watch her bowl in the alleys. I eventually liked what I saw. So I would go on the other side of the alleys while she was bowling and practice at a young age. It'd be times when I would see her throwing these curves balls and I would ask her 'how did you do that?' (Laughs). But yea, my inspiration to bowl came from my mom."


"He far surpassed me in the bowling leagues because now he's playing in tournaments. But I'm glad he saw me play at an early age. 

My focus has been mainly on getting him squared away so he has something to fall back on and keep him out of trouble. It's a hobby he enjoys because he's really good at it. He just embraced it and took it to another level than I did back in the day."


Kiante Keilan.jpg

"...growing up you hear music everywhere. So eventually I tried to make my own songs in 4th grade. Everybody in my class was liking it so it inspired to me to make poems for my school and performing them at assemblies and stuff. 

My mission statement is to give people something to listen to and make them feel good or inspire them somehow..."