"I guess you can say I'm at the rebuilding stage of my life. I've been struggling for a while but now I'm more optimistic about my career as a photographer.  

For a while, I'd stopped working on my art because I was too busy working jobs that I didn't like at all. But when I bought my new camera, I slowly but surely started building that passion for what I love to do, photography. I guess we all have that one moment when we get distracted by the same  everyday tasks and forget about what we really love. So I'm happy to get that reminder of what my passion is."


Brianna Tedlock.jpg

"I've been bar tending for about two years now. It' not something I'm truly passionate about but it pays the bills while I'm in college. I just want to travel the world and meet new people and see new things, ya know?

My biggest fear is failure. I feel like if I fail, then my mom fails too. She's trying to retire and if I don't succeed, it will hinder her retirement..."