Velmos (Grandfather)


"... I remember that day I was working at the saw mill. That whole day I was trying to  figure out what I was going to name him. After hours of working and thinking, I finally figured it out! I called your grandmother to tell her the news. I told her 'I think I'm going to name him Alonzo, I really like that name'. After that, it was a done deal. Your granddaddy picked out that name all by himself..." - Velmos Williams Sr. (My Grandfather) 

R.I.P. August 15th, 2015



"I'm heading to Sugarland, TX to visit some family. My father use to be a pastor for a church out there. He's been a pastor for about 20 years now. People ask me if I'm trying to follow in his footsteps. I tell them regardless of what I choose to do in life, it'll always be a ministry. It may not be in the form of preaching but it'll still be a ministry. A ministry can be anything from preaching in a church to plumbing. It all boils down to what you're truly passionate about.  

Too many people think they need money to live a passionate life. So they end up getting degrees for jobs that they eventually end up hating. But if you're truly passionate about something, you'll put your heart into it no matter what your financial circumstance may be."