"I think coming from a divorced household, I fear not picking the right soul mate to marry and spend my life with. I am most optimistic about my career and potential to be successful."



 "Growing up, I never really understood the concept of stability.. So, moving to LA after college seemed like an amazing adventure, but the experience was like being a fish out of water. I had to figure out where to live & how to survive in an unfamiliar place.. However, my greatest obstacle was not the move itself, but figuring out the balance of work & passion. I lost focus of my passion in order to survive working two & three jobs at a time.. But everything worked out in God's timing because I'm now at a place in my life where I can pay my rent & pay for studio time. I can comfortably live & live out my dreams."


"I used to be very secluded after being in a very bad abusive relationship of 8 years. I was even very close to getting married in it as well. 

But now, I have a lot more confidence in myself. Like, I'm learning to be alone. Not alone as in being by myself, but alone as in being able to just focus on myself again. And I love it! I've been going out more, meeting new people, I smile more, it's just this overwhelming feeling of being able to just breathe again!

When it's all said and done, I just aspire to be a great woman. If I can give you a smile and it makes your day better and you pass it on to others, that goes a long way. I just want  to make people feel good about themselves because that's what I've been learning to do for myself."


"...I have anxiety issues. Like, I was actually diagnosed with anxiety disorder a couple years ago. So I was taking meds to solve my issues. But I realized one thing: pills don't really help you... It's all brain power. So that moment when I'm experiencing anxiety, the tattoo is a reminder to just "Keep Calm"..."