Alonzo Williams Jr., founder of Everyday Strangers, credits his 8 year career as a photographer to a decision he made to move from Newport News, Virginia to Houston, Texas. As he recalls his experience with his first point-and-shoot camera in 2008; "It was in the pressing and releasing of the the idea of turning visions into visuals...that I found my purpose." The 100 Strangers Project documents Williams's 13 month long journey of random encounters with perfect strangers and marks the beginning of his career as an exhibiting photographer. Williams's encounter with his first 50 Strangers during a trip to NYC acted as a catalyst for this project which ultimately took on the mission to move beyond the surface image of an individual that sometimes places them into stereotypical categories. The power of this project is that it uses the collaboration of portrait photography and unscripted conversation to penetrate the misconceptions often impressed upon audiences by social media, television and the entertainment industry. The 100 Strangers Project also includes video interviews (each conducted, filmed and edited by Williams) which engages the viewer with reflective moments presented by strangers past as they give insight to what has occurred in their lives since their initial encounter with the wandering photographer.