Why Waste My Time on Learning a New Language in my 30's???

I remember speaking to one my strangers about relationships and marriage. One the key things he told me was: "some where down the line, you will have to at least understand his/her love language and if you can learn to speak it as well, that's a bonus!".

Because I thrive off connection with people, I took this advice to heart. With a project like this,  I couldn't imagine going to another country expecting natives to understand me if I can't even comprehend the way they speak. Before I decided to take Everyday Strangers international, I told myself that I will not step foot on any country outside of the US before I 1) Educate myself on the culture and 2) Learn the language.

Easy right? Not really. My most major concern was the fact that I'm 32 years old. Most people will tell you that it's too late to learn a new language as you get older. But if you ask me, I will tell you this: "Telling someone that it's too late do anything in life, is like saying it's too late to breath..."

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