Artifact Uprising Everyday Prints (Review)- The Everyday Stranger

Just a few more days before I head to Angola, Africa. Before I hop on the plane, I have to make sure I have everything needed for my trip. Part of my daily itinerary includes a photography exhibition in Benguela. This means I'll need some reliable good quality prints. 

When people ask me for suggestions on where to get prints, my first suggestion is normally Artifact Uprising's Everyday Print Set. These were the same prints found at my first 100 Strangers solo exhibition.


Here are a few reasons I suggest this particular company... 





Whenever an Artifact Uprising package arrives at my doorstep, I can always expect my prints to be in mint condition thanks to their way of packaging. And as you can see in the photo above, everything they provide a very attractive case that I also find suitable for traveling whenever I have to hit the road to do a show. This company definitely takes pride in their branding.


Print Quality  


I know from my own personal experience, I've always had issues with getting prints who's quality didn't match with the screen quality. Artifact Uprising never fails when it comes to achieving this and this why I consistently choose them.  






When it comes to durability, AU lives up to the "Everyday Print" name. I learned this from my previous exhibitions. I literally used the same prints for 4  different shows. Did I mention these photos were actually hung bare using Scotch Mounting Squares (No framing needed). When removing them from the wall, not much damage was done to the prints. This made them reusable for future shows. 

I eventually gathered everything together and created a poster board grid.

Watch the video below:



This is probably the most important reason for why I order prints through Artifact Uprising. They are firm believers in STORY! Which is what Everyday Strangers is all about! :-)


Here's a favorite quote from them that I truly love and live by: